Solar Panel Installation

Is My Home a Good Fit for Solar Panel Installation?

Did you know that wind is the most efficient type of renewable energy? However, it’s not very feasible to harness wind power for residential and commercial purposes. So most of us settle for solar energy, which is still in the top 5!

But is your house a good fit for solar panel installation? Just because you want to go solar doesn’t necessarily mean it’s possible.

Keep reading for some things you should consider before you contact solar panel installers!

How Much Sunlight You Get

Obviously, you need sunlight to power these panels, so you should ideally live somewhere that gets lots of sun! Even so, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t live in sunny SoCal.

However, not only do you need adequate sunlight, but your property needs good access to it too. For example, if you have lots of surrounding trees with overhanging branches, this isn’t ideal. So you might need to trim your trees or even remove some to get all the sunlight needed for solar power.

Your Roof

Unfortunately, not all roofs are suitable for solar panels. So even if you get a decent amount of sunlight, you still might not be able to have solar panels fitted.

For one, if you have an older roof, you’ll want to get it replaced first before installing solar panels. Otherwise, you risk an unstable surface and damage.

The direction and slope of your roof matter too. The best direction is south and the optimal angles are between 30 to 45 degrees.

Your Current Utility Bills

Some households don’t use much power at all, while others are energy guzzlers. It’ll work out better if you have high utility bills since going solar can help offset those costs by a lot.

If you’re not sure if it’ll be worth it, you can always speak to a solar energy company like You can show them what your current utility bills are and what your house is like. They can then determine approximately how much you can save with solar, especially if you qualify for incentives.

For example, all Americans can get a federal tax credit for installing solar panels. But some areas also allow for net metering, which is where you sell back extra energy your system generates to your utility company.

All of these factors combined can tell you whether or not it’s worth it to go solar.

Are You Ready for Solar Panel Installation?

After reading this article, maybe you’ve confirmed that your house is a good fit for solar panel installation. So what next?

You should get in touch with your local installers so they can speak with you and visit your property to make sure you can indeed go solar. From there, you’ll be able to take advantage of solar energy finally!

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