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How to Choose Cohesive Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures?

Many homeowners thinking of renovating their bathroom are stumped on choosing the right plumbing fixtures. What pieces work well together? Bathroom renovations come with a lot of decisions.

When you invest in a project that you will use for years to come, you need to be well-informed and confident in your choices. Brands like Bathroom Factory Warehouse (BFW) have a wide range of plumbing fixtures to suit your needs. Stick through to the end of this article to find helpful tips that will guide you in your buying journey.

  • What finishes are considered timeless?

Right off the bat, classic options that can withstand the test of time are nickel and brass. It works well in a traditional setting. Considering antique or living brass has been utilized throughout the history of design, this is an excellent choice. Polished nickel is also a good choice. But in an ultramodern home, it is recommended to opt for stainless chrome or black metal. However, you must examine your space as a whole. The entire design of your bathroom comes into play when choosing plumbing fixtures.

  • Does the bathroom need a consistent finish or follow the home’s design?

For a curated look, you have the option of mixing metals. For example, you can use antique brass fixtures in the guest bathroom. But, you can also place polished nickel alongside the brass metal. You can have a nickel-framed wall mirror or vanity hardware with polished nickel. Spaces get boring if the same finish is applied repeatedly.

  • Is it acceptable to mix metals and fixture styles?

For best effect, it is recommended to use the same finish and style on plumbing and related bathroom fixtures such as faucets, showerheads, drains and overflows. For example, you can use fixtures in the master bedroom from one collection, and for the guest bedroom, you may use a different collection. Another option is to follow a color pattern, such as keeping the bathtub, sink, and toilet all white or the same color. 

If you want to bring in some variations, you can do so with mirror frames, lighting, and hooks. Whatever your preference, make sure the style complements the rest of your bathroom design.

  • How do I select a style?

You can get ideas from the rest of your home. What is your preferred aesthetic? Do you like traditional lines, modern shapes, or edgy industrial? Your answers to these questions serve as a guide. Design-wise it is acceptable to mix and match. Go with what you like. Brands like Bathroom Factory Warehouse (BFW) have bathroom fixtures in numerous styles and designs to suit every aesthetic.

  • What plumbing fixture mistakes do homeowners make most often?

Many people make the mistake of matching a faucet that is disproportionate to the bathroom basin. It not only looks off-balance, but it could result in functional issues such as splashing or spilling. You must make sure that the water flows seamlessly into the sink. Another factor to consider is scale. You must consider the size when purchasing plumbing fixtures

A tiny faucet installed on a giant sink looks odd. Check the product specifications if you are in doubt and create a bathroom blueprint. You could make cardboard cutouts that resemble the shape of the sink to get a sense of its scale next to your faucet. You must also consider the faucet’s reach and how far it projects outward.

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