There are a lot of different sizes, styles, and types of picture frames. If you want to ensure the picture frame fits right, accurately measure it. To determine the size your picture frame, you need to know the frame’s measurements. In this guide, We’ll show you how to correctly measure the size your picture frame.

Things you’ll need

  1. The picture frame you want to measure.
  2. Tape a measure or ruler to determine the size of the frame.
  3. Use A piece of paper and a pencil to write down numbers.

How big size your picture frame should be

Before measuring, you need to know which way the picture frame faces. Frames can be set up in either portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) mode. It will help you get exact measurements if you know this.

measuring size of a photo

Things You Should Think About When Choosing size your picture Frame

  1. Style Match: Make sure the frame matches the style of your art.
  2. Size Fit: Pick a frame with the right size and shape for your picture.
  3. Material: Choose a frame material that looks good and will last a long time.
  4. Color Harmony: Choose a frame color that goes well with the colors of your art.
  5. Matting: Use matting to give your art more depth and protect it.
  6. Frame Thickness: Think about frame thickness to make an impression.
  7. UV Protection: If your art will be in direct sunlight, use UV-protective glass.
Taking the measureed approch

How to Find the Outside of a Frame

Size (width):

Measure the frame’s width from the left front edge to the right front edge. Make sure you measure the shelf where it’s most prominent.

Regarding height:

As you go from the frame’s top edge to its bottom edge, measure its size. Find the frame’s highest point and measure there.


To determine how deep the frame is, measure from the front to the back. This is important to know if you want to compare the frame’s thickness to the depth of the room where you want to hang it.

outside size of frame

How to Measure the Inside size your picture Frame

Measure the inside of the frame to find out what size your picture frame or piece of art can fit inside. The size of these numbers should match the image or mat you want to put in.

Width inside How wide is it?

Measure from the inside edge of the left side to the inside edge of the right side. This is how wide the space is where your picture will go.

Height Inside

Measure the height from the inside edge at the top to the inside edge at the bottom. This is how high the space for your picture is.

Frame Inside

Write down your measurements

Keep track of the measurements you took for the inside and the outside. Write down the measures you used, like inches, centimeters, etc. This knowledge will be beneficial when picking out a picture to put in the frame.

Figure out the size your picture Frame

If you know how big the frame is on the inside, you can choose a picture or piece of art that is the right size to fit inside. You can ensure the image includes the frame if you already have it. You can also use the inside measures of the structure to help you decide what art to buy or how to print a picture.

Putting mat board

Remember that the mat will cover some pictures if you use it inside the frame. Along with the flooring, you’ll need to measure its size. The mat’s measurements are usually smaller than the frame’s inside dimensions to ensure a tight fit.

How big should a mat board be?

Put the mat board flat on a surface and use a ruler or measuring tape to find its outer dimensions (width and height in units) and inner dimensions (width and size of the hole, which should be a little smaller). This information will help you find a mat board that perfectly fits your artwork or photo, making a show that looks good and protects it.

When adding mats, be careful

Here are the most important things to keep in mind when you add mats to framed art:

  • Color of the Mat: Pick a mat color that goes well with your art and frame.
  • Set the mat width to the width you want the edge to be around your art to be. The art can stand out more if the mats are wider.
  • Proportion: Make sure the mat’s size is right for your art. It should make it better, not worse.
  • Quality: Using acid-free archival mats to keep expensive art safe over time.
  • Double matting: Put two mats in different sizes or colors on each other to give the picture depth and interest.
  • Mat hole: Make sure that the hole in the mat is the right size for your artwork and doesn’t cover it up or show other rugs below it.
  • Photographs: To make the picture stand out, use plain or white mats for photos.
  • Custom Matting: Consider getting custom mats if you want the best fit and style.
  • Visual Test: Try things out and picture what they will look like before you decide.
  • Matching: Make sure that the mat matches the frame and the picture.

By following these easy steps, you can use matting to improve the look of your framed art and protect it.

Be Aware if adding matting

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Getting the size of the picture frame right is essential if you want your framed artwork or photos to look clean and professional. Following these steps, you’ll choose the proper structure for your piece and ensure it fits perfectly. When picking the right size for your picture frame, carefully write down your measurements and consider any extras, like matting.

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