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How To Say What Is This In Korean: Exploring Language

Language is like a special tool that lets us talk and know each other. It’s important because it lets us discover how people live and the many different ways of cultures. One language that’s interesting is Korean. It has special letters and a cool history. In this article, we’ll learn about asking ‘What is this?’ in Korean. We’ll look at its parts, How to say what is this in Korean?

How to say what is this in Korean:

The Phrase: “What is This?”

Within the realm of the English language, the phrase “What is this?” stands as a simple yet ubiquitous query, serving as a gateway to discovering the nature of an object. In the Korean language, this sentiment finds its equivalent in the phrase “이게 뭐에요?” (pronounced as “Ige mwoeyo?”). Unpacking this Korean phrase leads us to a closer examination of its constituent parts:

“이게” (Ige)

Comprising the subject marker “이” (pronounced as “ee”), denoting “this,” and the particle “게” (pronounced as “ge”), imbued with the power of emphasis. Together, “이게” forms the embodiment of “this” with a distinct emphasis.

How to say what is this in Korean

“뭐에요?” (Mwoeyo?)

“뭐” (pronounced as “mwo”) abbreviates the comprehensive “무엇” (mwoeot), signifying “what.” The particle “에요” (pronounced as “eyo”) adds a touch of politeness, constructing a question with decorum. Hence, “뭐에요?” translates gracefully to “What is it?” or “What is this?”


Embarking on the journey of pronunciation in Korean introduces a landscape marked by unique characters and sounds. Yet, with patience and practice, the intricacies of Korean pronunciation become an achievable feat. Here’s a simplified guide to uttering “이게 뭐에요?”:

“이게” (Ige)

Enunciate “이” as “ee” (reminiscent of the ‘e’ in “see”) and “게” as “ge” (rhyming with “get”).

 “뭐에요?” (Mwoeyo?)

Pronounce “뭐” as “mwo” (rhyming with “glow”) and “에요” as “eyo” (resembling “say-oh”).

Together, these elements culminate in “Ige mwoeyo?” pronounced as “Ee-ge mwo-eyo?”

Cultural Nuances:

Language and culture come together to make a strong bond that makes our communication different. In Korean culture, the tenets of respect and politeness underscore interactions. The application of honorifics and courteous language acts as a manifestation of respect for the individual addressed.

A korean teacher while teaching a children

“뭐에요?” (Mwoeyo?)

Epitomizes the courteous version of the question “What is this?” However, in situations involving individuals of a younger age or a closer relationship, a slightly less formal variant emerges: “이게 뭐야?” (pronounced as “Ige mwoya?”). The addition of the particle “야” (pronounced as “ya”) instills a degree of familiarity, rendering it less formal than “에요.”

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Starting to learn about how Koreans say ‘What is this?’ not only shows us their complex language but also invites us to discover their interesting culture. The phrase “이게 뭐에요?” captures not only the linguistic architecture of Korean but also the thread of respect that interweaves with communication in this culture. When we learn languages, we become bigger, more patient, and find out new stuff. This makes us feel closely connected to our big world with lots of differences.

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