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Police Checks: 3 Common Questions From Victoria Residents

You can find many people moving into Victoria because of the many growing businesses providing job opportunities for anyone interested in working with them.

There are over 604,379 small business establishments in Victoria, slowly expanding their operations. One fun fact about Victoria is that it has the highest number of small business establishments all around Australia, which previously broke the 600,000 count in 2018. 

You should always take advantage of a growing small business because you have better chances of becoming involved in something greater in the long run.

However, getting into a company is not that easy because they may ask for several requirements and documents like a police clearance, in which case you can get a police check online in Victoria.

Meanwhile, if you are unfamiliar with getting a police check, you can find the common questions people ask most of the time down below.

Question #1. What Are Police Checks?

Every company or business you apply for a job in Victoria will always ask their applicants for a police clearance or police check to indicate that you do not have any criminal records under your name.

Usually, a police check involves comparing your full name alongside a long list of identical names that the entire Australian police have in their database. 

After they finish running your name through their database alongside other identical names, the Victorian police will assess all of the data and information gathered during the checking. They then give out the collected data to the client and present it as a police clearance. 

As long as you are always applying for a job, employers will always ask for a police check, so it is a good practice to conduct one whenever you are job hunting. 

Question #2. Is It Faster to Apply for a Police Check at the Police Station?

You should know that most of the important papers and documents you need for a job application can be acquired online, which is why you will not see a long line of people getting their police clearances at a police station in Victoria.

You can simply apply for a police check online in Victoria, and you will be able to receive it at a moment’s notice.

You can bid farewell to long lines when getting your police check because dedicated websites can process your police check with ease. And once the process finishes, they can simply deliver it to your home, and you can be on your way to applying for a job.

What makes getting a police check online easy is that you can get it even when you are overseas without the need to trouble anyone to get it for you. 

Question #3. Can You See Police Check Details Before It Gets Printed Out?

Unfortunately, those who plan on getting a police check in Victoria are never allowed to see the details of their police check. The reason is that potential criminals can use it to their advantage, like falsifying their identity.

A police check’s data is extremely sensitive and should never be shared by anyone except for the person getting the police check and the employer who needs to check the applicant’s criminal background. 

Hopefully, the frequently asked questions mentioned above should give you enough understanding of how a police check works in Victoria.

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