How Do You Say Whatever In Spanish

How Do You Say Whatever In Spanish: A Concise Guide 2023

Language helps us talk and connect with people from different cultures. Some words are tricky to translate, like “whatever” in English. It has many meanings, and we’ll learn how to say whatever in Spanish.

1. How do you say whatever in Spanish?

In English, “whatever” can show that we don’t care or don’t have an opinion. It can sound dismissive. In Spanish, it’s “lo que sea.” So, “I don’t care, do whatever you want” becomes “No me importa, haz lo que sea” in Spanish.

2. “Whatever” means “Any” or “Anything”:

Sometimes, “whatever” means we can choose any option. For example, if someone says, “You can choose whatever flavour you like,” you can pick any flavour. In Spanish, it’s “cualquier” or “todo lo que.” So, the Spanish version is “Puedes elegir cualquier sabor que te guste” or “Puedes elegir todo lo que te guste.”

3. “Whatever” means “No matter what”:

“Whatever” can also emphasize that something will happen no matter what. For example, if someone says, “Whatever happens, I’ll always love you,” it means their love is constant and won’t change. In Spanish, it’s “pase lo que pase” or “pase lo que pase, siempre te amaré.”

4. “Whatever” means “Just do it”:

In everyday English, “whatever” can be used to tell someone to do something. In Spanish, it’s “lo que sea.” For example, if you say, “Just do whatever!” it becomes “¡Haz lo que sea!” in Spanish. But remember, using it like this can be impolite.

5. Remember, it’s not always a direct translation:

Sometimes, direct translations need to be improved. Languages have their ways of saying things. So, we need to understand the culture and the situation to find the right words in Spanish.

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Learning to use “whatever” in Spanish will help us communicate better with Spanish speakers. Language connects us, and understanding different expressions enriches our conversations. So, next time you say “whatever” in English, remember the different ways to say it in Spanish.


What does “whatever” mean in English?

In English, “whatever” can express indifference, a lack of interest, or a willingness to accept any choice or option.

How do you say “whatever” in Spanish?

In Spanish, “whatever” can be translated as “lo que sea,” “cualquier,” or “todo lo que,” depending on the context.

Is there a direct translation for “whatever” in Spanish?

No, “whatever” doesn’t have a single direct translation in Spanish. It has different expressions based on its various meanings.

How can I use “whatever” to show indifference in Spanish?

To express indifference, use “lo que sea” in Spanish. For example, “I don’t care, do whatever you want” is “No me importa, haz lo que sea” in Spanish.

Can “whatever” in Spanish mean “any” or “anything”?

Yes, when “whatever” indicates any choice or option, it can be translated as “cualquier” or “todo lo que.” For instance, “You can choose whatever flavor you like” becomes “Puedes elegir cualquier sabor que te guste” or “Puedes elegir todo lo que te guste” in Spanish.

Are there other phrases similar to “whatever” in Spanish?

Yes, Spanish offers various expressions that convey similar meanings, such as “da igual” or “lo mismo da.”

How can I know which “whatever” expression to use in Spanish?

Understanding the context and listening to how native speakers use these expressions will help you know which one to use in different situations.

Why are direct translations not always accurate for “whatever” in Spanish?

Direct translations may not work well because languages have their unique ways of expressing ideas and emotions. Cultural context also plays a significant role in choosing the right expression.

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