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How To See What eBay Items Sold For Best Offer: Quick Guide

eBay is a big online store where people buy and sell various things. One cool thing on eBay is the “Best Offer” feature. It helps people who want to buy and those who want to sell to discuss the price and decide on a fair deal.

However, the final price can be challenging when an item is sold using Best Offer. In this article, we learn how to see what eBay items sold for the best offer.

How To See What eBay Items Sold For The Best Offer:

Understanding the Best Offer Feature

On eBay, Best Offer lets buyers say a price they want to pay for something. The seller can say yes, or no, or suggest another price. If the seller says yes, the item is sold for that price. But this price is only sometimes shown clearly.

Methods to Find Best Offer Sale Prices:

How to see what ebay items sold for best offer

Method 1: Using eBay’s Completed Listings Search

eBay has a tool called “Completed Listings Search” that helps you determine how many things are sold for, even those with Best Offer. Here’s how you can use it:

Using eBay’s Completed Listings Search

1. Go to eBay and log in.

2. Type what you’re looking for in the search box.

3. On the results page, look on the left side and click “Sold Items” to see things that got sold.

4. Look for things that got sold using Best Offer. You’ll see the price they got sold for in green numbers.


Method 2: Third-Party Tools and Websites

Other websites can help you discover how much things are sold on eBay with Best Offer. Some examples are Terapeak, WorthPoint, and WatchCount. These websites use eBay info to show you how much things were sold before, even with Best Offer.

Using Third-Party Tools

1. Go to a website like Terapeak or WorthPoint.

2. Type in what you want to find.

3. Use the filters to see things sold with Best Offer.

4. You’ll see how much these things were sold for.

Method 3: eBay Mobile App

You can also use the eBay app on your phone to see what things sold for with Best Offer. Here’s how:

Using the eBay Mobile App

1. Get the eBay app on your phone.

2. Open the app and log in.

3. Look for what you want to find out

4. Use the filters to see sold things.

5. Find things sold with the Best Offer. You’ll see how much they got sold for.

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eBay’s Best Offer is useful, but knowing the final prices of things sold this way can take time and effort. Luckily, you can use eBay’s tools, other websites, and the eBay app on your phone to figure out how much things were sold for with Best Offer. This helps you pick better things when you buy stuff on eBay.


What is the Best Offer feature on eBay?

The Best Offer feature on eBay lets buyers suggest a price they’re willing to pay for an item, and sellers can choose to accept, decline, or suggest a different price.

Why can’t I always see the price of items sold with Best Offer?

When an item is sold using Best Offer, the final price might not be shown clearly. This is because the agreed-upon price is only sometimes openly displayed.

How can I find out the price of an item sold with Best Offer?

There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Use eBay’s “Completed Listings Search” tool to see sold items, including Best Offer sales.
  • Explore third-party websites like Terapeak or WorthPoint that gather eBay data to show past sale prices.
  • Utilize the eBay mobile app to view sold items and find the Best Offer prices.

What is eBay’s “Completed Listings Search” tool?

The “Completed Listings Search” tool on eBay allows you to see items that were sold in the past, including those sold with Best Offer.

Can I use other websites to find the Best Offer sale prices on eBay?

Yes, some websites like Terapeak, WorthPoint, and WatchCount collect eBay data to provide insights into historical pricing, including items sold with Best Offer.

How can using these methods benefit me as a buyer or seller on eBay?

By determining the actual prices items have been sold for using Best Offer, you can make more informed decisions about the value of items you’re interested in. This can help you negotiate better deals or make smarter purchases on eBay.

Is the eBay mobile app available for Android and iOS devices?

The eBay mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices. You can download it from the respective app stores.

Are there any fees for using the Best Offer feature on eBay?

Using the Best Offer feature on eBay is generally free. However, some optional features or promotions might have associated fees.

Can I see the Best Offer prices for items that were sold a long time ago?

Yes, using tools like eBay’s “Completed Listings Search” or third-party websites, you can often access historical sales data, including items sold with Best Offer, even if they were sold a while ago.

Are there any risks to using third-party tools for finding the Best Offer sale prices?

While many third-party tools are reliable, it’s important to use reputable websites and tools to avoid potential scams or incorrect information.

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