What Happens If You Don't Show Up For Jury Duty

What Happens If You Don’t Show Up For Jury Duty?

Jury duty is a civic responsibility that plays a crucial role in the legal system of many countries, including the United States. When you receive a jury duty summons, taking it seriously and fulfilling your obligation as a citizen is essential.

Life can be full of surprises, and sometimes, things happen that make it hard to go to jury duty. In this article, we’ll talk about what can happen if you don’t go to jury duty and what you should do if you can’t.

The Importance Of Jury Duty:

Jury duty is when regular people like you and me become part of the legal system. We become jurors in trials, which can be about crimes or other legal issues. Our job as jurors is to look at all the facts, decide if someone is guilty or innocent in criminal cases, and make fair choices in civil cases (those not about crimes).

In a democracy, jury duty is essential because it lets regular people like us have a say in legal decisions. This way, it’s not just one opinion but a group from our community deciding what’s fair.

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Consequences Of Not Showing Up For Jury Duty:

Failing to show up for jury duty can have various products, including:

1. Legal Penalties:

If you don’t go to jury duty in many places, it’s like disrespecting the court. You can get in trouble for it. The punishment can be getting fined (paying money), being on probation (watched by the law), or even going to jail. The exact sentence depends on where you live, but skipping jury duty is against the law and can get you in big trouble.

2. Bench Warrant:

Some courts may issue a bench warrant for your arrest if you fail to appear for jury duty. This means law enforcement authorities can arrest you and bring you before the judge to explain your absence.

3. Future Jury Duty Obligations:

Ignoring a jury duty summons does not make the obligation disappear. It may result in being summoned again more frequently. Courts rely on a pool of potential jurors, and those who repeatedly fail to appear may find themselves often called for jury service.

4. Disruption Of Legal Proceedings:

If you don’t go to jury duty, it can slow down the legal system and make it harder for courts to do their work. They need enough jurors to make everything run smoothly, so not showing up can cause problems and delays.

What To Do If You Can’t Go To Jury Duty:

If you have good reasons for not being able to go to jury duty on the date they gave you, it’s essential to do the following things.

1. Contact The Court:

Contact the court or designated jury office when you cannot make it to jury duty. When you talk to the court about being unable to do jury duty, they will tell you what to do next. Some places let you ask for a different date that works better for you.

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2. Provide Documentation:

If you have a valid excuse, such as a medical emergency or a prior commitment, be prepared to provide documentation or evidence to support your request for a deferral or exemption.

3. Be Honest And Respectful:

When communicating with court officials, be honest about your circumstances and respectful of their procedures. They are there to help you navigate your obligations as a juror. Read a detailed article on “How To Counter Whataboutism”.

Here are some of the valid reasons for not serving on jury duty:

  1. You are over the age of 70.
  2. You are a full-time student.
  3. You are a single parent with primary custody of a child under 6.
  4. You are disabled.
  5. You are employed in a job essential to the public health or safety.
  6. You have a medical condition that prevents you from serving on a jury.
  7. If you are still determining whether you have a valid reason for not serving on jury duty, consult an attorney.
  8. It is important to remember that jury duty is a civic duty. By serving on a jury, you are helping to ensure that the justice system is fair and impartial. If you are summoned for jury duty, taking it seriously and fulfilling your civic duty is essential.


Jury duty is an important job where regular people like us help ensure the legal system is fair. If you don’t do your jury duty, it can cause big problems. If you don’t go to jury duty, you can break the law and make the justice system ineffective.

So, being responsible and going when asked is a good idea. If you cannot attend jury duty for valid reasons, contact the court promptly to discuss your situation and explore options for rescheduling or deferring your service. It’s essential to do your jury duty and follow the rules of the legal system that make our society work.

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