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8 Wonders Of AI: Transforming the World’s Future

“Necessity is the mother of invention”. True! it is indeed, the necessity to amplify the speed, precision, and effectiveness of human efforts that have created Artificial intelligence”

No doubt, AI has penetrated into our lives to such an extent that we can’t imagine living without it. To understand the significance of AI in our lives, we need to know, what is Artificial intelligence.
“Artificial intelligence is human-like intelligence exhibited by a computer, robot, or other machines. If you observe your daily lives you can see that this human-like intelligence is progressing so speedily that you can imagine the whole world in the near future as a changing planet in the universe.

Is it true AI will change the world?

With the passage of time, the inventions in AI are booming rapidly. Every passing year is leaving humans amazed. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet, and enhanced virtual reality have led to innovation with a promising future. In this article, I will discuss with you 8 wonderful invitations of AI that are transforming the world.

1. The wonderful invitations of Artificial intelligence

These wonderful invitations of AI which I am sharing with you will definitely surprise you with the transformations, they have brought in almost every sector of life.

1. Revolutionary AI technology for autonomous buildings
2. AI-powered digital health platform
3. A revolutionary invention in children’s development
4. The AI Emotional Robotic Model
5. Wonder of AI in the business sector
6. The world’s fastest database
7. A wonderful invitation to the Cosmetic sector
8. Meeting Owl – A spectacular invention
9. Revolutionary AI technology for autonomous buildings

The most talented revolutionary technology of humanity is BrainBox.
It uses self-adapting artificial intelligence that rapidly improves energy consumption in buildings, which is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Its AI engine supports an independent building that does not require human intervention.

BrainBox AI improves HVAC control using deep learning, cloud computing, and automation to maximize impact on energy consumption. With it, commercial buildings can reduce total energy costs by 25% and increase the comfort of residents by 60%. Furthermore, given the current crisis, AI has been designed to reduce carbon emissions by 20-40%.

2. The AI-powered digital health platform

One of the deadliest diseases on the earth that harmed human health before the coronavirus, is Cancer. So far, there is no specific technique that can detect cancer at an early stage. But researchers have developed an artificial intelligence system that allows patients to track symptoms.

TrailJectory uses artificial intelligence to enable patients to master the journey of cancer and to analyze data collected by the global patient community so that cancer patients can make informed decisions. It analyses all relevant treatment options and immediately provides the treatment plan that is relevant to the patient’s condition.

3. A revolutionary invention in children’s development

In the past years, numerous incidents of social unrest and apathy among children and growing incidences of hatred and racism, have become a threat to children’s empathy and compassion. However,

AI has invented Embodied Moxie– a robot that develops more compassionate, gentle temperaments and modern human skills among children.
Moxie’s Natural communication, eye contact, facial expressions, and other behaviors can create, process, and respond to a child’s unique and personal learning experience. This emerging robotic tool helps improve children’s physical health through activities such as breathing and guided meditation to help develop emotions and self-regulatory abilities. ۔

4. The AI Emotional Robotic Model

Uncertainty can sometimes lead to a sad feeling

s and mental distress, which can be detrimental to a person’s general development. In particular, if it goes through an unfortunate personal relationship, it causes chaos. To eliminate stressful relationship accidents, LOVOT is designed to bring emotional peace to the home.

This emotional robot is a model that senses a person’s mood and improves their mood accordingly. It’s a perfect addition to a calm, loving, and homely environment. The technology uses more than 50 sensors to create a human-like behavior.

5. The wonder of AI in the business sector

The importance of reliable data is evident in every business in every sector during COVID-19. Due to remote work, it has become impossible for organizations to rely on traditional methods of data mining.

The Apache Hadoop is often referred to as the Hadoop Ecosystem because it collects data in a way that facilitates the distribution and processing of large data sets across groups of computers using simple programming models. This application is designed to detect and handle layer failures, to provide a highly available service for advanced computers, each of which may be at risk of failure.

6. The world’s fastest database

The NoSQL database is widely used by major tech companies such as Google and Amazon. It is a mechanism by which multiple models can access and manage data. This database is specifically designed for managing and monitoring high data volume, low latency, and flexible data models.

This data was designed to remove limitations and inconsistency. It is used in applications such as mobile, web, and games that require a flexible, scalable, high-performance, and highly functional database to provide the best user experience.

7. A wonderful invitation to the Cosmetic sector

Cosmetic brand L’Oreal Perso, developed by a virtual reality tool that provides personalized cosmetic care to the user. Application L’Oreal Perso analyzes the general condition of the skin as indicated by human vision.

This includes deep wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, and even piercings. It also examines factors such as geographical location, the client’s climatic conditions, and environmental conditions that affect human skin. The app also offers a variety of L’Oreal products to improve self-care.

8. Meeting Owl – A spectacular invention

Due to COVID-19, most meetings and conferences have moved to online platforms. But the basic premise of working remotely is network connectivity.
Going forward, Meeting Owl is specifically designed to work with different locations.

It is the best tool for remote work setup. It consists of a microphone, camera, and speaker in an automated device, the user only needs to connect it to the laptop for a better experience.

Last but not least…!

I would say, these technologies have proved that despite the crisis, AI technology will change the whole world in the future.

What do you say …..??

By this time, AI is facilitating humanity and speedily revolutionizing the whole world. However, this non-stop rapid progress has arisen many fears, insecurities, and queries in everyone’s mind.

a) Will AI overcome human intelligence and replace humans in the future?

b) Will the future of the whole world be safe in the hands of AI?

What can be the remedy to these fears, the security to these insecurities, and the solution to these queries, what do you say……….????

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