Reduce Lag While Gaming

Top Ways to Reduce Lag While Gaming Online

Lag in online games is also known as latency and is a delay in the data transfer from one device to another. Unfortunately, lag can frustrate most gamers as it slows down their game.

This article illustrates the top ways through which users can scrutinize the various reasons that cause lag while showing multiple ways to reduce it to enhance their online gaming experience:

Assess Game Requirements, Update Drivers, and Switch-Off

Before playing any online game, users should always check the requirements of the game. If the game is played on newer systems while the user has an older version, the outcome would be a slow game.

This is because of the incompatibility of the user’s system with the present version of the game. That’s why users are suggested to play only those games that are compatible with their system requirements.

However, if their system and game specifications match and yet the game lags, then it’s best to recheck everything. This issue can simply be fixed as the user will only have to tweak and adjust game settings so that it runs with ease.

Basic tweaks such as updating GPU Drivers or simply upgrading the version of the game should do the trick. If the system has both a dedicated graphics card and an integrated one, then it’s expected for the system to opt for the integrated GPU as it’s preferred for better game performance.

Examine Internet Service and Overall Connectivity

Most online games run well when the internet speed is more than 25 Mbps. Anything less than this will result in a sluggish performance.

However, if the connection is decent yet the online game continues to buffer after every few seconds, then the user needs to recheck and see if the internet connection is at fault.

To examine the present internet speed, run a speed test before playing the online game. If that works fine and yet the issue persists, contact your internet provider to guide you and provide technical assistance, where considered necessary.

Often, the dawdling connection is not at fault as other factors might be at play. Users need to check if they are not sharing the same connection with family members, who might be involved in other online activities, such as streaming live TV or downloading files for schoolwork.

This is another possibility that can affect service capacity and a strong reason why most users prefer to play online games late at night when everyone is asleep. Because the internet works well at night.

Unfortunately, if that is the case, it may disturb a user’s sleeping patterns, which can have dire long-term effects on the user’s overall health.

Use the correct version of the game and turn off all applications running in the background. This is essential as it affects the function of the online game. If the user is not using the correct version of the game, even then they may experience lag.

However, some users are confused and not entirely sure which specifications are compatible with their system.

If that’s the case, try running both versions to check which one functions better. On the other hand, many users often don’t realize this but background apps drink up all the internet juice, long before they can launch their game.

To avoid these apps from controlling bandwidth connectivity, close all such background apps. This could include social media apps, messaging apps, etc. Even switch off streaming devices before gaming online.

Check For Viruses or Malware on your System

Another reason why online games often lag is that the user’s system may be compromised due to malware present on it.

Viruses exhaust system resources resulting in poor performance. To solve the lag problem, invest in sturdy anti-virus software that can swiftly remove all such cyber infections from the system. Moreover, installing an anti-virus will also strengthen system tools and boost overall digital security.

Adjust Power Settings and If Possible Upgrade Hardware

Although most users prefer online games on a gaming laptop, if they are using a regular one, then they need to check and adjust the power settings accordingly. Using high-performance power plans can save optimum resources at the user’s end.

Meanwhile, if the online game continues with its latency issue, then this is a good time to upgrade the system hardware.

Since older systems often have difficulty in keeping up with the latest game specifications. Users can simply upgrade their graphics card, increase RAM, or even purchase a new system altogether. It ultimately depends on the user’s budget.


Despite the above-stated issues, if a user is still having problems, it is suggested to talk with other gamers and find out if they are facing similar issues.

Ultimately, all gaming issues can be sorted out, so never allow lag to ruin a fun gaming session, whether alone or with other fellow gamers. To avoid this problem right from the beginning, try to get a good internet plan from a reputable internet service provider.

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