Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Bodysuit

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Bodysuit

Stretchy. Soft. Comfortable. These are the famous words Aussies throw around when they are asked about what a bodysuit can offer. Making a comeback in recent years thanks to all the popular celebrities, bodysuits are widely used as an undergarment or as an extra inner layer.

With thousands of designs available across all the stores in Australia, these undergarments make up a significant part of the market for women’s apparel.

Apart from being used as one-piece wear for comfort, they have also been extensively used as game uniforms by women at the Australian Opals. All this can be attributed to the slow rise of these one-piece garments, a trend that is unlikely to go down any time in the future. 

As a highly versatile piece of clothing, bodysuits have been considered a modern blessing by many. They can pull off a casual look with a pair of jeans, an extra layer to add when wearing a jacket, or for enhancing the silhouette and highlight the body’s natural curves for those looking to boost their confidence.

With that being said, the right purchase decisions also matter more if people are looking to pull off the best look. 

Finding The Right Fit:

Body type is one thing shoppers need to keep in mind when they’re looking for a bodysuit to compliment their wardrobe. Some styles are more flattering, and others are more casual. Without the right fit, the fabric may not wash over the body and instead will either hang loose or ride up the skin. Both are equally uncomfortable.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The best way to gauge the fit is to wear one, move around, and see how the fabric reacts. Women with a large build are recommended to buy wider lengths that stretch without chafing the skin.

Slim body types can opt for the high neck to show off their necklines, and women with long legs can opt for one-piece garments having a high waist cut to complement the toned shape and length of their legs. Overall, the bodysuit should feel snug without being too tight or constricting. 

What’s The Occasion?:

The purpose of the bodysuit is also another important thing to look into. It’s inappropriate to wear a revealing bodysuit to a formal event or a casual long-sleeved one for a swim or a picnic on Australia Day.

Many of these one-piece garments are best designed for outdoor wear, and some are reserved for more private occasions. Whatever the case may be, choosing the occasion will help shoppers fill in the style, length, and material without too much hassle. 

Bodysuit Material:

For the innerwear options, cotton and nylon are the top picks as they offer breathability followed by comfort. They are best worn as innerwear or as an undergarment.

According to the stitching, customers can opt for opaque designs or transparent ones. Silk lace bodysuits can rock any outside look with a blazer or a jacket. Do consider the time of the year or the season before deciding on the material for the undergarment. 

Feel Free To Customise According To The Body’s Needs:

Certain undergarments can work well with a bra underneath. Others, not so much as many styles, are more suited for baring the skin. Some come with separate cups and underwires for additional support. Then there are the padded cups for an extra layer of covering. 

Earlier, these one-piece garments were designed for slim women who wanted to show off their physiques. Vintage models and swimmers should be enough proof for that.

Now, with so many industries and manufacturers embracing body positivity, bodysuits have been designed to make women of all shapes and sizes confident about themselves. Suffice it to say, the one-piece undergarments are rewriting beauty standards in Australia, proving that it’s the confidence, not the looks, that makes any woman beautiful.

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