Stop The Avast Browser From Opening On Startup

How To Stop The Avast Browser From Opening On Startup?

The term AVAST is known to be one of the most widely used antivirus programs. This antivirus has so many users across the globe and they rely on its safety. Though there seems to be a source of irritation to the user by its browser which tends to open automatically whenever it has been starting. Avast Antivirus is a pro software company that offers several high-quality security products. The software package was created in close collaboration with renowned antivirus specialists and is available in desktop, laptop, and smartphone editions.

This Antivirus is available in 2 variants Basic and Professional. The Pro edition allows users to receive updates directly from the firm, ensuring that all of your PC security concerns are always monitored. The business has released its version of the safe browser. Many customers have noticed that it now opens immediately on startup and consumes CPU resources.

When people acquire more Avast products, they almost always aren’t aware that they’ve installed Avast browsers. When customers buy these goods, they don’t recognize they’ve unknowingly given the web browser permission to run in the background and adopted Avast as their default browser. This then explains why consumers are totally surprised to find that the browser is running every time they turn on their gadgets.

This action has been a headache to some of the users who would rather go for an alternative option. This desired function is considered to be developed by the company itself which will help them to promote their software and reach millions of users across there. This action will also boost their sales as they need to sell to those individuals who aren’t using any specific browsers.

Many customers claim that Avast automatically downloads and runs the Avast Secure Browser and asks for the import of bookmarks from their normal browsers without their permission. What’s more concerning is that it starts up as soon as Windows starts up.

This reveals why users are surprised to find Avast browsers running every time they turn on their devices. Unfortunately, for people who would rather use alternative browsers, this has developed into a headache over time. This functionality is considered to have been designed by Avast to sell the software to amenable people who aren’t yet predisposed to anyone’s browser.

Understanding what exactly the browser is:

The Avast secure browser’s primary role is to scan every page you visit. It will next determine if any infected websites are genuine or invalid. All dangerous websites will be blocked.

Looking at the reason for the browser to start automatically:

When you download any application or software on Windows, you unknowingly give the browser permission to start up automatically when Windows starts up. In addition, it made Avast Browser the default browser in Windows. When Windows shows working, most antivirus applications search for harmful files and viruses. Some reforms are required during launch, while others might cause your system to stutter and freeze. Avast Browser is generating a lot of problems with Windows; therefore you should turn it off when the system starts up.

Why the user got annoyed:

The consumers out there were so annoyed with this function. Several complaints are being registered that the software automatically downloads the browser without informing the user. This action is quite worrying because it directly imports the bookmarks from the user’s default browser.

The most annoying factor of this browser is that it starts as soon as the window starts operating. These functions have created a mesh of mistrust among the user which doubts their privacy policy. The user is totally in shock as the most trusted brand of anti-virus is causing these troubles.
Let us look at the possible outcome to stop the browser from launching automatically:

Uninstall the browser:

The simplest outcome is to uninstall the browser if you don’t need it further. This will be kept in mind that the anti-virus software will also be deleted. The Control Panel contains a list of all the programs that are currently operating on your computer, and uninstalling one from here will remove it entirely from your machine.

Disable the browser from the setting:

Changing the browser’s settings is the simplest approach to prevent it from opening. Start the browser and go to the upper right corner of the screen to the three dots. This will bring up the browser’s Settings menu. After that, scroll down to the tile that reads “On Startup.” The option to ‘Launch Avast browser automatically when your system begins’ may be found here. This option is most likely activated if the browser starts on its own. Before it, there’s a slider bar. To disable the function, simply slide it to the left.

Disable the browser by task manager:

To securely disable the browsing, utilize the task manager’s settings. This is where you’ll discover all of the startup applications. Holding down Ctrl (Plus) Shift (Plus) L buttons at the same time will bring up the task manager. There are other tabs on the task manager, such as Performance, App History, and so on. To get a list of all applications that start when the system starts, go to the Startup tab. Right-click on the Avast Secure Browser option to open it. Then hit the ‘Disable’ button.

Using another browser:

If you want a safe browser but don’t want it shoved down your throat like Avast, search for one that asks for your permission before it starts. Many browsers don’t start up automatically when you turn on your computer. These browsers go a step further by erasing user information when you log out of your sessions. These are private browsers that do not keep track of your session information. Even if it is your usual browser, it will not open without first being launched.

Can We Trust AVAST Software?

Yes besides this issue the company is one of the most trusted brands all over the world. They are the professionals that are providing ease to their consumers related to antivirus services and they are trusted by users.


AVAST is One of the most convenient software of all time. Its functionality is far better than any other software. This might be a silly mistake made by them to promote their service but in further they can surely provide a way to overcome this.

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