Self-Care Activity Ideas To Do Everyday

5 Self-Care Activity Ideas To Do Everyday

Often you may find yourself tired or upset. You may be debating whether you did something that day that impacted your energy levels or if it’s emotional. And then you may think to yourself “But nothing dramatic happened.” This is the prime example of overthinking that almost everyone experiences daily.

Most times you may not even notice that you are exhausted as you could be stuck in the vicious cycle of waking up for your 7 am alarm every day before dropping the kids off at school and heading into work (from which you only depart after 5 pm). Sometimes people refer to extreme exhaustion as “burnout” as you feel like you lost all sense of purpose and might even start considering philosophical questions related to your existence.

If you have experienced stressful times then the symptoms of burnout may feel familiar to you. Is there a way to break the vicious cycle and learn how to manage a heavy workload?

The simple answer is yes, possibly. However, this does not mean that you can only find inner peace once quitting your job. Self-care is very important and often we completely forget about its existence and its role in helping us cope with our daily tasks.

So what is self-care and how can it help you stay passionate about your job and daily tasks?

The contemporary perception of self-care revolves around activities that help you preserve your health, including both mental and physical.

Small Self-Care Tweaks for a Positive Day Impact

Tip 1: Journaling

You may have heard about journaling from friends who go to therapy or live a spiritual life. You might even be sarcastically sighing as you read this tip thinking that after a hard day’s work, all you need is another half an hour of typing as if you haven’t even left the office.

That however is not the case. One of the most important concepts of self-care is that you do things that you enjoy and lift your mood. If you are really against writing then you shouldn’t force it onto yourself, but do keep in mind that it’s possible to shape that initial attitude into viewing journaling as a relaxing activity.

Firstly, you are right, staring at a screen for another hour after doing it for the whole day doesn’t appear to be the most appealing and natural thing to do. Perhaps you could try being a bit “old-fashioned” by purchasing a notebook and a few pens. It might even give you the familiar feeling that you had as a teenager when you were writing in your secret diary.

You don’t necessarily have to do it every day, it could be enough if you simply write down a few thoughts that bother you or made you particularly happy every other day.

The point of journaling is that you give voice to some deeper thoughts which could have been bothering you and you were afraid to share with others. After writing down certain things you may feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulder.

Tip 2: Therapy

Whilst it may be difficult sharing your emotions with others, if you feel like there are some problems that you can’t fight alone then you could seek some advice from a professional.

Many people are still split on the idea of going to a psychologist, however, in the 21st Century, it has almost become a daily occurrence for most people. You shouldn’t feel bad for wanting to discuss some private things with a person that could give you an objective viewpoint!

Tip 3: Do things that you enjoy

Once you start at a new job or just naturally have endless tasks accumulating you might forget to spend quality time on yourself.

It’s important that you have something to look forward to every day after work. This could also boost your motivation and may inspire you to try other things.

If you like playing tennis or going to the gym then pick out a few hours a week when you will be going. If you enjoy walking on the beach or attending art conventions then do keep a spare hour or two for those passions. At the end of the day, you are a human and not a robot. As well as you are doing, you do need to rest and recharge.

Tip 4: Spend time with people close to you

At times when you are immersed in a project, you may forget to spend quality time with those that are the closest to you. To preserve relationships, friendships, (and your social battery) try to have a weekly coffee scheduled with a friend where you two can catch up and share what happened during your week. If you have a partner then having a date night to look forward to could be the highlight of your week.

Tip 5: Stay healthy

As simple as that sounds, it’s important. If you don’t enjoy green juice then you shouldn’t force yourself to drink it, however, if you are aware that your diet mostly consisted of chips and soda then maybe it’s time to incorporate some salad into your day. Finding a nice recipe online to make with family could also be a relaxing activity.

It’s fundamental that you feel comfortable with yourself as that could give you confidence which could then help you stay motivated throughout the day. Perhaps joining a new sport, meditating, or reconnecting with your spiritual side could be something for you to try!

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