how to track a scammer on whatsapp

How to track Scammers on WhatsApp and Stay Safe

WhatsApp is a famous messaging app, but some bad people use it to cheat others. But you need not worry; you can learn How to track Scammers on WhatsApp

 This article will show easy ways to track WhatsApp scammers and keep yourself safe.

How to track Scammers on WhatsApp

how to track a scammer on whatsapp

1. Knowing WhatsApp Scams

 Scammers are bad people who pretend to be nice and fool you into giving them your money or personal stuff. They might say you won something big or offer a fake job to make you believe them.

2. Finding Scammers

To catch scammers, you need to keep an eye out for some signs:

a) Getting messages from people you don’t know, promising you amazing things.

b) Seeing messages with mistakes in spelling and writing that look strange.

c) Someone asks you for private info like bank details or passwords.

d) Urgent messages asking for money or help quickly.

e) Suspicious links or files that might be dangerous for your phone.

3. Checking Who They Are

Don’t worry or get scared if someone sends you a strange message. Just stay calm and be careful. Double-check their identity by calling them or asking questions only they can answer. Real friends will understand and not get upset.

4. Taking Pictures as Proof

If you think someone is a scammer, take pictures of your chats as evidence. Save their phone number and anything they tell you. These pictures help when you want to report the scam.

5. Reporting the Scammer

WhatsApp cares about your safety so that you can report a scammer easily:

a) Open the chat with the scammer.

b) Tap their name or number at the top.

c) Scroll down and choose “Report Contact.”

d) Say why you think they are a scammer.

e) Tell them and send the report if they ask for more info.

Reporting on WhatsApp

6. Blocking the Scammer

To keep scammers away, block them on WhatsApp:

a) Open the chat with the scammer.

b) Tap their name at the top.

c) Scroll down and tap “Block Contact.”

d) Confirm you want to block them.

how to track a scammer on whatsapp

7. Using Safe Tools

Be careful with websites or apps that promise to help you find scammers. Some are good, but some are sneaky too. Do some research before trying new stuff.

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Stay safe and smart on WhatsApp by catching those pesky scammers. Look for signs, take pictures as proof, report them to WhatsApp, and tell the police if something seems fishy. Sharing what you know with others will help everyone stay safe and have fun chatting on WhatsApp. 


1. How can I spot a scammer on WhatsApp?

To find a scammer, watch out for these signs: getting messages from strangers promising big rewards or opportunities, seeing messages with bad grammar and spelling, someone asking for your info or money urgently, and receiving suspicious links or files.

2. What should I do if I receive a scammer message on WhatsApp?

If you get a scammer message, don’t worry. Be careful and don’t give them any personal info. Check if they are really who they claim to be by asking questions only they would know. If things still seem fishy, report and block the person.

3. How can I protect myself from scammers on WhatsApp?

To be safe, avoid sharing private information with them. Always ensure the person’s identity before sharing money or personal details.

4. Can I report scammers on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can report scammers on WhatsApp. Go to the chat with the suspected scammer, open their profile, and scroll down to select “Report Contact.” Follow the steps and choose the right reason for reporting.

5. Are there tools or websites to track scammers on WhatsApp?

Be careful with tools or websites that claim to help track scammers. Some may be scams too. It’s safer to report scammers directly through WhatsApp or seek help from authorities if needed.

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