How To Start A Car With A Bad Starter Motor

How To Start A Car With A Bad Starter Motor?

Do you have a car with a bad starter motor? Are you tired of being in situations where you can not do anything and wait for a mechanic? Suppose that you have to go out for some work but your car has made it a task for you to start it.

What will you do then? Is calling a mechanic and paying for that a convenient way? It is never an easy and convenient way. What about knowing the ways that can help you to start your car with a bad starter motor? We know you will never wish to miss that opportunity of taking the solution out without any assistance. So, why are we waiting? Let’s get started to know how you can start your bad starter motor car.

A Big Trouble!

Cars are always essential, and they are basic requirements in all houses. When you have a car whose starter motor is not well, and you do not have any other option to go with, it is no doubt big trouble. At that moment, you might get frustrated and end up calling a mechanic or looking for other options. But, if you do not have any such facility and are well aware that you can not even have them as soon as you want. What will you do then?
You can not just sit aside in dismay, feeling that now you do not have any option and you can not get rid of the problem.

Ways To Tackle With The Bad Starter Motor And Start It:

Today, we are discussing the ways that can help you to start such a car by yourself. So, Let’s look at them.

Look For The Connections:

Connections of the electric current are the first things you need to examine while looking up the default. The connections of the battery are the source and control of ignition. So, make sure that the connections are not loose. If they are, fix them up by attaching the terminals of the battery with a ratchet. The poor starting of the car is often because of the loose connections that cause a lack of enough current that could power and start the car.

If the connections seem to be alright, then examine the positive cable connected with the battery. Check for the connection and look where it is loose and infirm. If not, then you should go for trying the bypass and switch on the ignition. After that, you can look for the ground connections. If you are sure that there is an issue with the ground connections, fix them by connecting the jumper cable from the negative terminal through the taster.

If there is a cracking sound, it means that the issue is with the solenoid cable of the starter. Run a bypass cable over the solenoid cord and connect a 12 V cable to the point of connection between the solenoid and the starter. When you hear a clicking sound on cranking the engine, it is a sign of perfect attachment of the solenoid cable.

Look For The Corrosion And Rusting:

The corrosion on the engine or any other part, connection, or cable can also cause starting issues. Corrosion occurs because of the acid drops that drop on them. If you find corrosion on the connections, cables, and engine, wash them with a mix of water and sodium bicarbonate in equal quantities.

Thumping The Starter:

Slowly thumping the starter with a hammer can help the armature to rotate and start its function. This trick can work for regular longitudinal engines. If you have a new car with a transversal engine, it will not work that much, but still, you can give it a chance by trying the same with some lighter toll rather than the hammer.

Flywheel Of The Engine:

Flywheel and any issue related to that can also lead to the poor starting of the car. For fixing it, take someone’s assistance to spin the crankshaft for you with the help of a ratchet or beaker. To get to the center bolt of the pulley, you have to remove the wheel.


Jump-starting with a jump-starting tool can help you start your poor starter. It is a great way that may or may not work but, trying this is never a bad idea. So, go for it.

Pushing The Car:

After that, you can go with another traditional trick of starting the engine, none other than pushing the car. It can even work effectively for bad starters and engines. Just push forward the car from behind while keeping the car in moving gear. This trick works best for vehicles with manual gearbox transmissions. Push the car with the help of people who can exert sufficient force enough to push the car forward.

Test Running:

After all these examinations and tricks applied from your side, now it is time for you to have a test run of the engine. You can have the test run of your car in an auto repair shop, and most of them do not even charge for this. It can help you to know and examine what is the situation of the engine, what parts or connections need alteration, what things should be replaced, etc. All these things can help you to understand the requirements of your car engine better.

What To Do Next?

There is nothing that you have to necessarily do after all this. All these steps are ways that will effectively work for you to get out of the trouble of the bad starting of the engine. So, go and start your car with a bad starter by following all these ways that will surely help you with your concern.

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