How to find a music video by describing it?

How To Find a Music Video By Describing It – 2023 Guide

Sometimes It’s annoying to have a music video stuck in your brain with no idea what it’s called or what song it’s linked with. You recall visual sequences but have no idea how to make sense of them. You become increasingly angry and annoyed with yourself as time passes for not knowing! Music is frequently used to create the mood, encourage activities, and even inspire creativity.

What impact do underlying personality features have on those decisions? Music is difficult to put into words. It’s simple to grasp how it makes us feel, and even simpler to comprehend what we enjoy when we hear it, but communicating it properly is tough.

There are many different types and genres of music that stress, emphasize, or remove particular aspects of the song. Music is performed with a range of vocal styles and instruments, ranging from singing to rapping; there are works for instruments only, pieces for voices solely (for example, songs without background music), and compositions for singing and instruments combined.

If you can’t recall the title or artist name of a music video, there are various strategies for finding it by describing it. It’s very natural to forget stuff. We don’t all have superhuman memories. Furthermore, throughout a lifetime, a person may listen to more than 10,000 tunes. It’s hard to recall all of the music titles and artists.

Your memory is filled with pictures that you can’t seem to put together. The longer you forget the more upset and furious you feel with yourself. If you’re reading this, you’re very probably going through a similar period right now.

Let us bring you some good news: we’re here to assist you. Here are a few ideas on how to properly describe music videos. As a consequence, we all have experienced the same difficulty in discovering a certain song or music video.

It may be a music video that you have viewed in your youth and recall vaguely about the song’s tune or a couple of phrases or a few words from the lyrics. You might recall the model that appeared in the song video.

Sometimes you remember only a few lines of a song’s lyrics but not its name, and other times you remember only a few lines of the song’s lyrics but not its name. You might use an app like Shazam, which listens to a song’s lyrics and recognizes it by listening to it.

You could accomplish this if you have a recording of the song or were in a location where it had already been played. If you don’t know the song’s name or lyrics, though, it will be difficult or impossible to discover that music.

In this blog, we’ll go through how to discover a music video by describing it so you may relive your early memories.

I. Fill out a Few Lyrics on Search

If you recall a few lines from the song shown in the video, put them into Google and press the search button. If any of the lyrics are correct, Google will present you with a list of the most relevant results that you may scroll through.

II. Ask for help from the online community:

If you aren’t successful in finding your desired song on any of the search engines then there are several online communities out there that can help you through your query. So many times there chance to find out your desired melody but for that, you should look for an online community. We recommend you describe the song in detail so that the members out there can easily help you.

III. A song Identifier might help:

From its description, you could have a rough idea about this technique. Mainly, these applications are being made just to find the melody by only listening to the tune of sometimes a chunk of the song.

Most of the applications work on the same principle. You just have to open the applications and tap on the search option. All other instructions should be given by the interface of the application.

IV. Begin by identifying what you already know.

Several things should be noted first before starting the search. This thing includes mainly the name of the artist which is of significant importance. The second thing is some lines from the song of melody you are looking for. The third main thing is the genre of the song.

Other main factors that needed to be determined were the year in which the song was released, and the characters that made their appearance in the video of the song. These are the details that must be known by an individual who is going to search. This will decrease your effort and limit your search so it will be easy for you.

V. Do a search using YouTube

Another simple approach to finding a music video is to go to YouTube. We don’t recommend just tapping on the search bar and selecting “YouTube search.” This may come as a surprise to you, but sophisticated search operators can offer accurate results if you simplify and limit your YouTube searches. The operators offer the upload period, type, duration, and actions.

If you want to see the precise terms in the search results, use quote marks at the start and end of the query. You may also use the “Filter” option to narrow down your search results for even more precise results.

Simply type a term into the search field and hit the Filter button. You may now use the filters to locate what you’re looking for. This technique can help you if you have little knowledge about what you are looking for. For instance, the artist’s name, city, any character in the song, and the year in which the song was published read more about the Netflix series.


Well, these are some of the basic and the most powerful ways to find your desired music out there. We hope that this technique will help you find a sweet memory for yourself. There is a probability that sometimes what you need is just a way ahead and you lose your patience. Remember patience is the key to success.

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