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Buying a New Mattress? How to Choose Right Durability Level

The correct mattress is determined by many parameters depending on the user’s requirements. Firmness is probably the most crucial feature of a mattress. The compactness of a mattress is the most significant contributor to its comfort and the first thing that most users notice.

The cushioning has to be done with extra care, and in products like Comfort Sleep mattresses, you will immediately feel if it is too hard, soft, or just right.

The wrong firmness can harm the quality of your sleep and your health. For example, if you have back pain, a mattress that is too firm may not provide the optimum level of backing and pressure relief.

To put it simply, if you pick the wrong mattress, it can be highly uncomfortable and even cause health issues.

For this reason, firmness is one characteristic you should watch out for in your buying journey.

Soft to medium-soft firmness

Soft beds are best suited to individuals who weigh around 130 pounds or less because this level of hardness provides sufficient support for this weight range.

On the other hand, heavier individuals are likely to sink deeper and bottom out on a soft mattress. It is simply not supportive enough. 

It is more difficult to move around or reposition on a softer mattress.

Soft mattresses are more expensive in many cases since they utilize expensive materials such as comfort foams and incorporate many layers. 

However soft mattresses often have a shorter lifespan since the less dense foams deteriorate quickly compared to the denser and firmer foams.

Therefore, if you prefer a softer bed’s comfort, be prepared to spend more and expect to replace it more frequently.

Softer beds are ideal for side sleepers who need additional pressure relief but are not recommended for back and stomach sleepers or stockier individuals.

Medium to medium-firm mattress

A majority of people prefer this firmness level. Medium-firm mattresses provide an optimum balance between comfort and support.

This balance has broad appeal and is recommended for people in the weight range of 120 to 230 pounds.

Moreover, this level of firmness is suited to any sleeping position.

Although the mattress’s performance will vary with every brand, there is typically a sufficient balance between comfort, support, and pressure relief that can satisfy back and stomach sleepers and side sleepers.

This firmness level has fewer comfort foam layers and utilizes thinner layers, thus diminishing the plush feel while still providing a decent cushioning against the denser support layers underneath. 

A medium-firm mattress’s life expectancy is longer than soft mattresses but not as high as firm mattresses. A medium-firm mattress should last 7 to 10 years on average.

Firm mattress

The main feature of a firm mattress is it doesn’t allow much give. Meaning they do not sink as deeply as a soft mattress.

Depending on your weight, some firm mattresses may only provide minimal sinkage, if any at all. It gives you the sensation of sleeping on top rather than your body being molded and enveloped in the mattress. 

A firm mattress is recommended for heavy individuals who weigh over 230 pounds. It provides good support with generous pushback to compensate for the heavier weight.

However lightweight people who lie down on a firm mattress may find that it does not provide sufficient support or pressure relief for spine problems.

However heavy people will sink deep enough in the mattress to get the contouring benefits of the thinner comfort layers.

Generally, a firm mattress is not recommended for side sleepers due to insufficient pressure relief. But stomach and back sleepers should find it provides comfortable support and optimum spine alignment since the hips and midsection do not sink in too deep. 

Firmer mattresses are also distinct for using denser foams that wear hard and are less prone to forming permanent hollows and sagging. The absence of plush comfort also means they come at a more affordable price.

It is ideal to test a piece and then allow your body to make the final call. Understand the basics of available products like Comfort Sleep mattresses and then make an informed decision.

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